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The 4 Modes of Direct Experience:

The Exalted Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, there are these 4 realizable states:
What four?
By the body one realizes the 8 releasing liberations.
By the memory one realizes one's prior lives in all diverse detail.
By the divine eye one realizes the death & rebirth of beings.
By understanding one realizes the elimination of the mental fermentations.
These, Bhikkhus, are the 4 realizable States...

The next Buddha Metteyya depicted above will -just as I say now-
many times explain:
“You can come as you like, but you pay as you go!”

More on Direct Experience:

Source: The Numerical Sayings of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya II 182

4 x Realizable Release ...!

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