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In how many aspects are the 5 abilities purified?

There are these 5 mental Abilities:
The ability (faculty) of faith,
The ability of energy,
The ability of awareness,
The ability of concentration,
The ability of understanding.

These five abilities are purified in these 15 aspects:
When the Noble Friend avoids faithless persons, and cultivates, frequents and honours
faithful persons, and reviews sacred texts that inspire confidence, then the faith ability
is purified in these 3 aspects.
When the Noble Friend avoids idle or lazy persons, and cultivates, frequents, and honours
energetic persons, and reviews own practise of the 4 best Efforts, then the
ability is purified in these 3 aspects.
When the Noble Friend avoids negligent, forgetful persons, and cultivates, frequents and
honours acutely aware and mindful persons, while reviewing the 4 Foundations of Awareness,
then the
awareness ability is purified in these 3 aspects.
When the Noble Friend avoids unconcentrated persons, and cultivates, visits and honours
focused and concentrated persons, and reviews
texts on the 4 Jhānas and the 8 liberations,
then the concentration ability is purified in these 3 aspects.
When the Noble Friend avoids ignorant persons, cultivates, frequents, and honours persons
who understand, and reviews information on profound knowledge, then the understanding
ability is purified in these 3 aspects.
So when the Noble Friend avoids these 5 kinds of
ordinary persons, while cultivating,
visiting, and honouring these 5 kinds of excellent persons, and reviews these 5 kinds
of teachings, then the
five abilities is purified in these 15 aspects. [ Yeah ;-) ]

On these 5 mental Abilities (indriya):

Source: Sāriputta in: The Path of Discrimination: Patidasambhidamagga:

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