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 The 4 Noble Truths are Absolutes!


The 1st Noble Truth: This is Suffering!
There is no
pain, which does not torment!
And nothing that is not pain torments...
This certainty, that existence torments:

Is what makes that 1st an absolute

The 2nd Noble Truth: Craving is the Cause!
No other source causes suffering, than
Nothing else provides this craving, than misery...
This utter certainty in producing suffering:
Is why this 2nd is considered
an absolute truth!

The 3rd Noble Truth: Suffering can End!
There is no pure peace except Nibbāna,
Nibbāna cannot be anything, but peace...
This certainty that it is this perfected peace:
Is why the 3rd is reckoned as an
absolute truth.

The 4th Noble Truth: By the Noble Way!
No exit-outlet is there other than the
Noble Way,
The Noble Way never fails to provide the escape...
This sure status as the one and only Exit:
Has made this Noble 8-fold Way recognized
as the absolute 4th
Noble Truth.

This genuinely irrefutable infallibility,
Which is their true and essential core,
Is what the wise declare to be
The Truth's meaning common to all four!
Visuddhimagga 496

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