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How to Prolong Suffering by Acquisition of Fuel?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Friends, whoever recluse or priest now, in the past, or in the future regards
whatever is pleasant and/or attractive, there is in this world as permanent,
as lasting, as happiness, as self, as healthy, as secure, only stimulates craving!
By stimulating craving they long, thirst and hanker, thereby inducing production
of sense desires, production of defilements, production of intentions, hopes,
wishes, plans, and production of the 5 clusters of clinging! By nurturing uptake
of such accumulation of fuel for becoming, and fuel for existence, they indeed
provoke continuation! Thus provoking prolongation, they are neither freed from birth, nor from
decay & ageing, nor are they freed from death! They are therefore not
released from sorrow, from depression, from despair, from misery, from
pain, from frustration, from discontent, nor from hopelessness. I tell you:
they are not freed from neither the present, nor from any future suffering!
But friends, whoever recluse or priest now, in the past, or in the future regards
whatever is pleasant and/or attractive in this world as impermanent, as transient,
as suffering, as no-self, as a disease, as danger, as fearful, as an empty terror,
they thereby reduce all craving. After having gradually eliminated all craving,
I tell you they are freed from all Suffering...

More on these 5 Clusters of Clinging (Khandha):

Good Dhamma talk by Ven. Thanissaro Bhikkhu on Clinging:!%20Dependent%20Co-arising.mp3

The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya II 109-112

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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