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Behaviour determines the state of all beings!

The young brahmins Vāsettha and Bhāradvāja once asked Blessed Buddha:
What makes a brahmin a brahmin? Whereto the Blessed One responded:
Not by pure descent from seven generations of ancestors does one become
a brahmin, and neither by family
descent does one become a non-brahmin.
By action one becomes a brahmin. By action one also becomes a non-brahmin.
By action one becomes a farmer. By action one becomes a craftsman.
By action one becomes a merchant. By action one becomes a servant.
By action one becomes a thief too. By action one becomes a killer too.
By action one becomes a priest. By action one becomes even a king.
Knowing the fruit of causal effects of any action, the wise gains complete
understanding of conditional origination and sees this action as it really is!
By action is all phenomena determined, by action the world goes on, and by
action the people go on. Beings are bounded, conditioned & created by their
behaviour! By self-taming, by self-control, &
by living the Noble life, only by
supremely pure state does one becomes a brahmin. Whoever is endowed
with the three knowledges
(te-vijja), at peace, with renewed existence all
Vāsettha, such one is like the gods Brahma and Sakka to those
who really know! The two brahmins
Vāsettha &
Bhāradvāja then exclaimed:
Wonderful, venerable Gotama! We hereby accept the venerable Gotama, the
Dhamma, and the Bhikkhu Sangha as our refuge. May the Venerable Gotama
accept us as lay disciples who have taken refuge as long as this life lasts...
Sutta-Nipāta verses 650-656 Edited excerpt.

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Action Determines!

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