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The Middle Way of Wise Moderate Ontology:

The Blessed Buddha once remarked on speculation on existence:
This world, Kaccana, is generally chained up by engaged involvement, panic
clinging and attachment to various views! But one of right view neither becomes
engaged, nor does he cling to any such rigid commitment, blind assumption,
mental standpoint, adherence, nor underlying tendency!
He does not take a stand about 'My Self', nor has he any perplexity or doubt
about whatever arises, then it is only Suffering  that arises, & whatever ceases
then it
is only Suffering that ceases! His assurance about this, is independent
of others... In this way, Kaccana, is there advanced right view!
The mistaken postulate: "All exists": Kaccana, this is the one extreme....
The equally mistaken postulate: "All does not exist"; is the opposite extreme!
Without veering towards either ofthese futile extremes, theTathāgata always
teaches the Dhamma from this exceedingly subtle, and intriguing Middle:
Conditioned by ignorance, mental construction arises.
Conditioned by construction, consciousness arises.
Conditioned by consciousness, name-&-form arises.
Conditioned by name-&-form, the-6-senses arises.
Conditioned by the-6-senses, contact arises.
Conditioned by contact, feeling arises.
Conditioned by feeling, craving arises.
Conditioned by craving, clinging arises.
Conditioned by clinging, becoming arises.
Conditioned by becoming, birth arises.
Conditioned by birth, ageing, decay, & death arises.
Such is the arising of this whole mass of suffering...!

Please Note:
Neither 'Material Substantialism', nor 'Naive Realism', 
nor 'Imagined Illusionism', but just dry 'Plain Realism'...
Right down in the moderate, magic & majestic middle!

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Source: The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya XII (15); [II 17] An Ocean of Dhamma Teaching! Full text here!

The moderate yet majestic middle view!

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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