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Buddha once explained the Advantages of Friendship (Mittanisamsa):
He who maintains genuine friendship, never betraying anybody, will always
whenever he goes far out of his home, receive abundance of hospitality.
Many will obtain their future benefit through him.

He who nurtures genuine friendship will be honoured in whatever country,
village, town, house, group, or family he visits.

He who perpetuates genuine friendship will triumph over all his enemies.
Robbers cannot overpower him. Royalty will not look down upon him.

He who continues genuine friendship, returns home with feeling of amity,
rejoices in the crowds of people, and becomes the chief among his kinsmen.

He who keeps up genuine friendship, being hospitable to all others, in turn,
receives hospitality. Being respectful to others, in turn, receives respect.
He enjoys both praise and fame.

He who sustains genuine friendship, a generous giver, receives gifts himself.
Worshipping the worthy, will himself be worshipped gaining prosperity and fame.

He who upholds genuine friendship, shines gloriously like fire, radiant like a deva.
Prosperity and good fortune will never forsake, or ever leave him.

He who prolongs genuine friendship, will enjoy abundant wealth. What is
sown in his field will flourish. The fruit of that which is sown he enjoys.

He who carries on genuine friendship, should he fall from a precipice,
or a tree, then he will be protected, and will not be seriously harmed.

He who preserves genuine friendship cannot be overthrown by enemies even
as the deep-rooted banyan tree cannot be overthrown by the gust of a wind.


These ten gathas (stanzas) recounting the beneficial effects of friendship,
are found in the Mūgapakkha  (Temiya) Jātaka, vol. vii. No. 538.
Translated by Ven. Piyadassi Thero

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Most Advantageous is Friendship!

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