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  Ageing Reproduces the same Suffering ever Again!

Ageing is su
ffering: And what is ageing? Whatever decay, decrepitude, broken teeth,
greying of hair, wrinkling of skin, decline of strength, weakening of the mental abilities,
feebleness, and senility of whatever kind of being, that is called ageing.
Its function is
to lead on to death! It is manifested as the vanishing of youth. It is suffering because
of the change into decay and the gradual, but steadily falling apart of the body.
The loss of memory, and intelligence in senile dementia is also distressing.

With leadenness in every limb, with every ability declining,
With vanishing of youthfulness, with memory all evaporated,
With intelligence eroded away, with strength now drained,
With growing unattractiveness, now looking and smelling bad,
To both wife, friends and family: This is the unavoidable misery
Any mortal must expect to find! Since ageing all of this will bring,
Ageing is well designated as suffering...
Visuddhimagga 502

Ageing and Death

Regarding Death & the Deathless State:

Ageing Again!

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