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     Anger, Irritation, and Stubborn Contrariety!

Evil and ill-will is the mental hindrance, which is resisting against and
opposing phenomena. It can be quite violent, when manifesting as quarrels,
conflicts, hate, hostility, and wars. Aversion instantly destroys all harmony
and peace, and thus any potential for happiness. It can only be cured by
meditation on the four infinitely divine states (the 4 Brahma-viharas).

First priority: Noticing evil Ill-Will arise -in itself- makes it fade away:
The Buddha said: When ill-will is present in him then he understands:
"There is ill-will in me now" and when ill-will is absent, he also notices:
"There is no ill-will in me now". He understands how unarisen ill-will arises.
He understands how to leave behind any arisen ill-will, and he understands
how left ill-will cannot ever arise again in the future. MN 10

What is the feeding cause that makes ill-will arise?
There are displeasing and repulsive features and aspects of any object,
frequently giving irrational and unwise attention to them, this is the feeding
cause of the arising of unarisen ill-will, and the feeding cause of the very
increase and expansion of ill-will, that has already arisen. SN 46:51

The 3 paranoid thoughts that induce resentment and anger:
1: He or she has done, is doing now, or will in the future do me some wrong!
2: He or she has done, is doing now, or will do those I like some wrong!
3: He or she has done, is doing now, or will do those I dislike some good!

What is the starving cause that makes ill-will cease?
There is the release of mind through Universal Good-Will and Friendliness,
frequently giving rational and wise attention to this is the starving cause
of the non-arising of unarisen ill-will, and the starving cause of decrease
and shrinking of any ill-will, that already has arisen. SN 46:51

Which medicine cures ill-will, so that it does not re-arise ever again?
One should cultivate the meditation on Universal Friendliness (Mettā)!
the meditation on universal friendliness gradually evaporates all ill-will.
One should cultivate the meditation on All-embracing Pity (Karunā)!
Meditation on embracing pity, makes cruel and brunt harming violence fade away.
One should cultivate the meditation on Sympathetic Mutual Joy (Muditā)!
Meditation on mutual joy eliminates discontent, all green envy and jealousy.
One should cultivate the meditation on composed Equanimity (Upekkhā)!
Meditation on imperturbable equanimity can make anger and aversion cease.
MN 62

Some advantageous reflections to return to:
Remember the Simile of the Saw... The Blessed Buddha once said:
Friends, even if bandits were to cut you up, savagely, limb by limb, with a
two-handled saw, you should not be angry with them, but do my bidding:
Remain pervading them with a friendly mentality imbued only with an all
embracing good will, kind, rich, expansive, and immeasurable. Free from
hostility, free from ill will. Always remembering this Simile of the Saw
is indeed how you should train yourselves... MN 21

Being OWNER of ANGER is Pain: Know that everyone is the owner of the
consequences of all their actions (Kamma), whether good or bad...

The 11 advantages won by cultivating Universal Friendliness (Mettā):
1: One falls sleeps happy!
2: One wakes up happy!
3: One dreams no evil dreams!
4: One is liked and loved by all human beings!
5: One is liked and loved by all non-human beings too!
6: One is guarded and protected by the divine devas!
7: One cannot be harmed by fire, poison or weapons!
8: One swiftly attains the concentration of absorption!
9: Ones appearance becomes serene, calm and composed!
10: One dies without confusion, bewilderment, or any panic!
11: One reappears after death on the Brahma level if reached no higher!
AN V342

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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