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 Kammic causation of future is asymmetric!

Why is it easy to repeat doing much bad, while doing good is hard to do even once?
Quickly one ruins one's own future by doing just one single wrong or evil action,
just like one single drop of ink ruins the clarity of even a large glass of water...
Slowly one purifies one's past behaviour by accumulation of numerous good deeds,
just like single drops of water slowly or never clarifies even a small glass of ink...

This asymmetry propels beings downward:
The difficulty of doing even a little good;
The ease of doing even much wrong evil...
Sends most beings into the downfall!

Easy & swift is it to do what is detrimental,
Painful both to oneself and for others.
While that, which is advantageous to both
oneself & others, is quite difficult to do.
Dhammapada Illustration 163 Background Story 163

Easy it is to see the faults of others.
Hard it is to see one's own flaws.
We seek after others faults like filtering even pure water,
but we cover up our own flaws like a gambler hide his cards.
Dhammapada Illustration 252 Background Story 252

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