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Transient whether Internal, External, Past, Present or Future!!

At Savatthi the Blessed Buddha said this:

Bhikkhus, any eye and any form is impermanent, whether internal, external,
past, present or future. Seeing this any educated Noble Disciple becomes
indifferent towards any past vision and any past form, he does not search for
delight neither in any future vision, nor any future form, and he cultivates disgust
for any present vision and present form in order to make it all fade away and cease...
Any ear and any sound is impermanent. Any nose and any smell is impermanent..
Any tongue and flavour is impermanent... Any body and any touch is impermanent!
Any mind and any mental state is impermanent, whether internal, or external, 
past, present or future. Seeing this any educated Noble Disciple becomes
indifferent towards any past mind, and any past mental state, thus he does neither
search for delight neither in any future mind, mood, nor any future mental state,
and he does indeed cultivate disgust for any present mind, mood, mentality and
any mental state so to make it fade away, be all stilled, tranquilized and cease...

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The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. IV 4
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