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1899 Gunapala Piyasena Malalasekera, born on November 8, at Panadure 17 miles south of Colombo.
1906-1917 Saint John's College, Panadure.
1917-1918 Ceylon Medical College.
1919 Bachelor of Arts of the University of London in Oriental Languages at age of nineteen.
1921 Teacher at Buddhist school, Ananda Vidyalaya.
1923 Principal at Buddhist school, Ananda Vidyalaya.
1924 Conference of Living Faiths Within the Empire (London).
1925 MA. and Ph.D. from the School of Oriental Studies of the University of London.
1926 Principal of Nalanda College in Ceylon.
1927 Lecturer in Sinhala, Pali and Sanskrit at Ceylon University College.
1928 Ph.D. Thesis: The Pali Literature of Ceylon published in the R.A.S. Prize Publications (380 pp.)
1935 Mahāvamsa-Ţīkā: Vamsatthappakāsinī published by P.T.S. London. (Intro 113 + 700 text pages.)
1936 World Fellowship of Faiths (London).
1937 Extended Mahāvamsa in Colombo, Aluvihare Series (Introduction 53 pages and text 380 pages.)
1937-1973 Joint Secretary, Vice-President, & President of All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.
1937 Dictionary of Pali Proper Names 2 vols.  London, Secretary of State India (1163 + 1370 pages.)
1938 University of London awarded Dr. Malalasekara the degree of Doctor of Letters (D. Litt.)
1939 Professor of Pali, Sanskrit and Sinhala of the Ceylon University College.
1942 Dean of the ability of Oriental Studies.
1942 Special Committee of Education.
1945-1957 Editor of "The Buddhist" Young Men's Buddhist Association of Colombo.
1948 English-Sinhalese Dictionary (14 + 1066 pages), published in Colombo.
1949 East-West Philosopher's Conference (Hawaii).
1950 Founder-President of World Fellowship of Buddhists (129 delegates from 26 countries)
1953 Imperial Honour of the Officer of the British Empire (O.B.E.)
1954 Initiator & Editor-in-Chief of a ten-volume Encyclopaedia of Buddhism. (6 published in 2005)
1954 Commission on Higher Education in Swabhasa.
1955 Pakistan Philosophical Congress (Karachi).
1956 Symposium on Buddhism's Contribution to Art, Letters and Philosophy (New Delhi).
1956 Official Language Commission.
1957 The Buddha and His Teachings published by Lanaka Bauddha Mandalaya.
1958 Buddhism and the Race Question published by the UNESCO in Paris.
1957 Ambassador to USSR, Poland, Rumania and Czechoslovakia.
1960 Hon. D. Lit. (Vidyodaya University of Ceylon.)
1961-1963 High Commissioner in Canada and Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
1963-1967 Sri Lanka's High Commissioner in the United Kingdom.
1965 Convocation of Religion for World Peace (San Francisco).
1965-1971 Chairman of the National Council of Higher Education.
1973 Died on 23 April. 

Details can be found in:
Encyclopaedia of Buddhism. Vol VI, fascicle 4: pp.582-585. 2002.
0. H. de A. Wijesekera,  Malalasekera Commemoration Volume, Colombo, 1976
Mutukumara, Nemsiri, Tribute to Malalasekera, Colombo, 1982

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