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Awareness (Sati) is a Link to Enlightenment!

The Awareness Link to Awakening (sati-sambojjhanga) is basically the
same mental property (sati-cetasika), which inherently is included in:
The Four Foundations of Awareness (satipatthāna)
The Ability of Awareness (satindriya)
The Power of Awareness (satibala)
The Right Awareness Path Factor (sammā-sati-magganga)
Trained, developed and refined in a degree that gradually enlightens!

The Buddha once said: What mental fermentations (āsava) should be
overcome by development? If a Bhikkhu by careful and rational attention
develops the Awareness Link to Awakening based on seclusion, disillusion,
ceasing, and culminating in relinquishment, neither can any fermentation,
nor any fever, nor any vexation ever arise in him again. MN 2 [i 11]

The Ability of Awareness is to anchor attention on any freely chosen object!
When this ability is unshakable and well fixed, it is the Power of Awareness!
Awareness is a Foundation (patthana), when well established (upatthana)
continually - without any interrupting distraction - on these four objects:

1: Body as mere form: Just a group of foul and fragile organs...
2: Feeling as a mere reactive response following any contact...
3: Mind as only a changing set of habitual mentalities and moods...
4: Phenomena simply as appearances of momentary mental states...

Not lasting, but transient! Not pleasure, but pain! Not self, but impersonal!
Neither neglecting, nor forgetting that these universal characteristics are
relevant and true for absolutely all aspects of these four objects, the false
and distorted perception of beauty in what really is disgusting, of pleasure
in what really is suffering, of self in what really is selfless and impersonal,
gradually fades away, and the mental fermentations (āsava) of sensuality,
of views, of ignorance, and of becoming are overcome by gradual elimination.

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