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How to protect all Beings best? The 5 Golden Rules:

Rule 1:
Do neither Kill nor praise Killing. Rather avoid taking any kind of Life.
Also make others stop killing too, by praising holy harmlessness and non- cruelty.
Greatest is this Offer to the world of Beings: The safety from torture and violent murder..
The painful future karmic effect of Killing is short lifetime and brutal non-natural death!
Do neither harm, nor praise any harming, whether instrumental, mental, verbal or physical.
Put down the stick, knife, and all weapons. Indeed end now all violence, brutality & hostility!
Quell all aggression by praising mercy & peace. Greatest is this Offer to the world of Beings:
The safety from injury, wounding and sudden pain. The painful future karmic effects of
harming violence are non-curable disease, disability, and loss of limbs in future rebirths.

Rule 2:
Do neither Steal, nor praise any kind of Stealing. Avoid taking all that is not freely given.
Make others abstain from theft by praising modesty and honesty. Greatest is this relief
to the world of owners: The safety from loss, damage, and unnecessary costs to insurances. 
The painful future karmic effect of stealing is loss, poverty, need, deficiency, hunger,
and thirst in many future rebirths..

Rule 3:
Do neither abuse sexually, nor praise any abuse. Avoid other's partners and those engaged or
protected by others. Make all others abstain from any sexual abuse too. Greatest is this offer
to any parent or lover: The safety from deceit, adultery, jealousy and sexual abuse. The painful
future karmic effect of abuse and adultery is future unnatural lust, abnormality, and disability.

Rule 4:
Do neither speak false, nor praise any kind of lying. Rather avoid all untruth and falsehood and
induce all others also to speak only truth by praising sincerity. Greatest is this praxis in the world
of listeners: Honesty ensuring the confidence of trust in the society. The painful future karmic
effect of lying is being deceived, disrespected, lowly positioned, or worse in many future rebirths.

Rule 5:
Do neither drink alcohol, nor praise any kind of intoxication that induces neglect, and carelessness.
Rather refrain from liquor & make all others abstain too. This is the optimal social habit of behaviour
in the world of beings ensuring decency, sanity and sound reasoning. The painful future karmic effect
of drinking is stupidity, insanity, madness, forgetfulness, poor memory, and worse in future rebirths.    

There are these five great original gifts, genuine, long-standing, traditional, ancient, uncorrupted
from the beginning, that are not open to suspicion, that
never will be open to suspicion, and which
never are censured or criticized by any truly wise recluse, monk, or priest...

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Details of The Five Buddhist Precepts (pañca-sila):

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Updated: 20 December 2016

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