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The Five Obstructing Obstacles:

The Blessed Buddha once said:
There are 5 kinds of mental barrenness, that obstruct any  mental growth
and any spiritual progress. What are they ?

1: Skeptical doubt about the perfect Awakening of the Buddha
   is the first mental barrenness.
2: Skeptical doubt about the absolute Truth of the ancient Dhamma
   is the second mental barrenness.
3: Skeptical doubt about the Purity of the Noble part of the Sangha
    is the third mental barrenness.
4: Skeptical doubt about the Efficacy of the mental Training
    is the fourth mental barrenness.
5: Angry opposition towards one's friends and fellows on the Noble Path 
    is the fifth mental barrenness.

These 5 kinds of mental barrenness disable all initiative, enthusiasm, energy,
effort, exertion, and endurance... Therefore do they eliminate any effective
training & thereby also all the advantageous fruit of such mental training...
Review the mind regularly so to recognize these obstructions and cure them
with faith, investigation, and friendliness.

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Updated: 22 December 2016


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