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Not Knowing Nature & Cause causes Speculation to arise:

Once the wanderer Vacchagotta approached the Blessed One & greeted him.
Having concluded their compliments, he sat down & asked the Blessed Buddha:
Master Gotama, what is the cause, condition & reason why all these various
speculative views arise in the world:
This Universe is eternal, or This Universe is not eternal. &;
This Universe is finite, or This Universe is infinite. &;
Vitality & the body are the same, or vitality is one thing, the body is another. &;
A Tathagata exists after death, or a Tathagata does not exist after death.
Or; The Tathagata both exists and does not exist after death. Or;
The Tathagata does neither exist, nor does not exist after death?
The Blessed Buddha then replied:
It is, Vaccha, because of neither knowing form, nor the cause of emergence of
form (rūpa), nor the cause of the ceasing of form, nor the Way to cease form,
that those various speculative views, such as: "This Universe is eternal etc..."
arise in the world...!  This ignorance, this not seeing, this not understanding,
Vaccha, is the cause, & reason, why those various speculative views keep arising
in this world...!

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The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book III 257-8
The Vacchagotta section 33. Thread on Not Knowing: Aññānā Sutta (1)

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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