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Knowing any kind of existence to be Danger!

The Ancient Elders explained:
As one repeats, develops & cultivates the understanding that all appearance
is a terror one cannot find any asylum, any safe shelter, any place to go to,
since there is no safe haven in any kind of becoming, generation, destiny,
station, or abode. Nowhere whatsoever - except in Nibbāna - is there even
one single stable and lasting formation, or construction, that one can place
hope in, or hold on to: Since as the Blessed Buddha succinctly pointed out:
The 3 kinds of becoming appear like charcoal pits full of glowing coals, the
four primary elements like hideous venomous snakes (SN IV 174), the five
clusters like murderers with raised weapons (SN IV 174), the six internal
sense sources like an empty village, the six kind of external sense objects
like village-raiding robbers (SN IV 174-75), the 7 stations of consciousness
and the nine abodes of beings as if burning, blazing and glowing with the 11
fires (see SN IV 19). Thus do all phenomena appear as a huge mass of danger
destitute of substance or satisfaction, like a tumour, or a disease, or a dart,
a calamity, a distressing affliction, like a knot of suffering (see MN I 436)..
Visuddhimagga 647

On the inherent Danger (Ādinavā)  in all Being in Existence:

All Being is Danger!

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