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Morality is not a Prison, but the only Effective Protection!

What is Morality?
Morality is the root cause of all success, and all what is good.
Morality is the intention behind avoidance of all wrong-doing.
Morality is the mental combination of non-envy, goodwill, and right view.
Morality is the self-control enabled by awareness, tolerance, and restraint.
Morality is the non-breaking of the rules one has accepted and respects.

What is the Meaning of Morality?
Morality means consistency between all mental, verbal, and bodily actions.
Morality means upholding the very foundation of all advantageous states.

What is the Function of Morality?
To STOP bad and evil behaviour, and thus its painful future effects.
To ATTAIN blameless mental purity, and the blissful joy of innocence.

What is the Manifestation of Morality?
Morality manifests the blameless innocence of mental, verbal, and behavioural purity.

What is the Proximate Cause of Morality?
The scrupulous shame within conscience is the cause of any moral ethics.
The fear of the results of wrongdoing is the cause of any moral ethics.
Shame and fear of wrongdoing are therefore 2 protectors of the world!

Audio: Moral Purity is Prime Podcast:

Doing Good creates future Pleasure!
Doing Bad creates future Pain!

More on this basic first cause of all Good: Morality (Sīla)!

Source: The Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga.
Written by 'the great explainer' Ven. Buddhaghosa in 5th century AC.

The Best Protection!

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