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What to do if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident. Anyone from our motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles firm can tell you. C and M Injury Lawyers will tell you all the same rules apply as to what to do after a motorcycle accident as a car accident. However, there is often a natural prejudice against motorcyclists. A lawyer who has been a rider or whom has had the specialized experience with motorcycle cases, will know what to do. The injuries suffered by motorcyclists are often the most serious and most valuable in terms of compensation.

Can any Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney represent me on a motorcycle case? C and M Injury Lawyers say the answer is yes, BUT, that would not be a wise decision to hire a lawyer without specialized motorcycle experience.  My first motorcycle was in the 70s. I thought I knew it all then, but as I became a rider, I learned that there are things about motorcycle accidents, that are not learned in law school. These things can only be really learned by the experience and close calls that come when motorcycles travel on the same roadways as cars and trucks. At our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney firm C and M Injury Lawyers, some of our greatest multi-million dollar results have been representing motorcycle riders.


 Are the rules of the road and the Vehicle Code rules all the same for motorcycles as they are for cars and for trucks? Go to https://www.losangelespersonalinjury.attorney. At our law firm, the Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys know the answer is clearly NO. There are different types of driver licenses issued by DMV. A driver license a car is NOT what is required to operate a motorcycle. Likewise, a license to operate a car is not the same as what is required to operate certain trucks. There are so many differences. For example, when cars are bumper to bumper stopped on the freeway, we have all seen Motorcyclists split lanes (that is, operate the motorcycle in between the two stopped lanes. Is that legal? Sometimes and some places yes and other times and other places no. The courtesies operators of cars give to other car drivers, is not often the same as the car driver will give to a motorcyclist. While riding motorcycles is a great care free experience, the reality is that there is prejudice against motorcyclists. Not only are there often no courtesies given, but sometimes, car and truck drivers will overtly be disrespectful and often intentionally attempt to hurt the motorcyclist.  Having a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents and whom has the true experience of riding, is what is required to relate and sufficiently communicate with your lawyer and to get the right result. Call us for a free consultation.



Our team of Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers know the answer to the question Why are motorcycle accidents different from car accidents? Any of Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation attorneys can help you. When a 4,000 or 5,000 car or SUV collides with a 200 pound motorcycle, the degree of injury to the motorcyclist is going to be substantial. Any motorcycle accident lawyer knows this. Occupants of cars are protected by the tons of steel that are on all sides of them. They are protected by lap seatbelts and shoulder harnesses. They are protected by air bags. The motorcycle rider is out there essentially bare and unprotected in all regards. A fender bender car versus car accident that might not cause any substantial injury, has the dynamics and ability to seriously and permanently disable the motorcyclist for the rest of his or her life. That’s why you need the help of a winning Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney. While there are many different types of car verses motorcycle accidents, one of the most common ones is when the operator of a car, makes a sudden left turn directly into the path of the oncoming motorcycle. The car driver often subsequently remarks to the police, that he or she did not see the motorcycle when the left turn began. People invariable do not see the single headlight of the motorcycle, whether it is daytime or night when the collision happens.


 Motorcycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles | Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles | Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer



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