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Seeing the Body as it really is disables desire!

The Buddha explained how to regard the body in order to reduce greed:
Whether going or standing, sitting or lying, bending or stretching, then one
should note fully aware: this is movement of the body, which is a frame of
bones joined with sinews, plastered with skin and flesh, full of intestines,
stomach, liver, bladder, heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen, slime, mucus, sweat,
pus, lymph, blood, joint-fluid, bile, and fat. Filth oozes from its nine holes as
tears, earwax, snot, spittle, vomit, bile, urine, semen and excrement. Sweat
and dirt stick the body, and its hollow skull is filled with a fatty brain...
Only a fool, overwhelmed by ignorance, regards it as beautiful, but when it
lies dead, swollen up and bluish, cast away, eaten by dogs, jackals, wolves,
worms, crows and vultures nobody cares anymore about it.
This impure, and
evil-smelling two-footed body is cherished by many and adored as a temple.
However: Whoever would be proud of such a body, or would belittle others
for their less attractive body, what is this, except lack of genuine insight?

The bhikkhu possessing knowledge here, having heard the Buddha's word,
indeed understands it, for he sees this body as it really is. As this corps is,
so is that body of mine also, understanding this, one can relinquish desire
for the body, both one's own and other's. Having eliminated desire, lust &
passion, the bhikkhu possessing knowledge here, has arrived at the undying,
at imperturbable peace, at the unshakable state of quenching.
Sn 193-205

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