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Awareness of the Body induces all Advantages!

The Blessed Buddha repeatedly emphasized:
Bhikkhus, when one thing is developed and repeatedly practised, then it leads
to a supreme sense of urgency, to a supreme advantage, to a supreme ceasing
of bondage, to a supreme full awareness and clear comprehension, to winning
knowledge and vision, to a happy life here and now, to realization of the fruit
of clear vision and releasing deliverance. What is that one unique thing?
It is awareness occupied with the body! Bhikkhus, those who get full taste of
body awareness, also get a taste of the deathless! While those who neglect all
practice of body awareness, cannot ever taste of the deathless! (AN I 43+45)

A beautiful and attractive self? Something worth clinging to?

The bhikkhu devoted to body awareness conquers both boredom and delight,
and boredom does not overcome him! He dwells transcending boredom as it arises.
He is a conqueror of fear and dread, and fear and dread do not conquer him, since
he dwells transcending fear and dread, just as they arise. He is one who tolerates
cold and heat... who endures any adversity ... arisen bodily feelings that are painful
... even life threatening! He becomes an obtainer of the four jhānas  based on the
form and colour aspect of the head hairs, nails, teeth, skin, organs, or bones etc.
He comes to penetrate the six kinds of direct-knowledge.

So let a man, if he is wise,
Untiringly devote his days
To mindfulness of body, which
Rewards him in so many ways.

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