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Quenching all Anger, Retaliation , Revenge & Hate Liberates!

One should cool any anger,
let go of any pride and
leave behind any attachment.
Such cooled one, not clinging neither
to identity, body, form, nor world
cannot ever suffer any pain.
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Whoever does not loose his temper,
even in a rage, like a car pressed in a
high speed turn, him I call 'a Driver',
others are merely holders of the wheel.
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One can only overcome anger with kindness.
One can only conquer the evil with goodness..
One can only win the miser by generosity...
One can only convince the liar with truth....
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Comments: The Buddha urges us not to act foolishly in anger, and not to bear any
ill will or vengeance towards others, so that we may have an opportunity to heal
ourselves from karma established in past lives, and in this very life!
When we are proud, self important, egocentric, and narcissistic, we are CLINGING
to our identity and body. When we do not share our possessions, money, or other
surplus material objects, we are CLINGING to forms. When we become attached
to temporal states brought about by concentration like rapture, serenity, and bliss,
we are CLINGING to the formless. When we are irritable, impatient, angry, retaliating
aggressive, abusive, or violent, the cause of these very detrimental states is that
very CLINGING! The Exalted One teaches us that it is the superior person who indeed
is able to control his rising anger. Once our anger is controlled and stilled, through
the eradication of CLINGING, our relationships are transformed with the practice
of kindness, generosity, and integrity under any and all circumstances. When we
can employ an attitude of compassion, understanding, open mindedness, and altruism
we are walking steadfastly on the path, while enjoying peace, serenity, bliss, rapture...

With Metta,

Jonathan, USA

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