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What is the Cause of Contentment?

The blessed Buddha once said:
Contentment (santutthi) is the Highest Treasure!
Dhammapada 204

Solitude is happiness for one who is
Who clearly sees and understands this Dhamma.
Udana 10

What is the proximate cause of contentment?
Mutual joy with others success is the proximate cause of contentment...
Therefore: If one is always gladdened by other's success, one will always be content!
Therefore:  If one is never gladdened by other's success, one will always be discontent!
Therefore is contentment caused by an altruistic mental state & not by external richness...
Example: Rich people possessing all the things they ever desired, can still be very discontent!
And vice versa: Poor people not having much, can still be very content and very much smiling!

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Proof of the pudding:
The above beings do not possess much, yet they are seemingly quite content!
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