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One becomes Calmed by Stilling all Agitation..

The brahmin Māgandiya asked the Buddha about how to become calmed:
Not dwelling in the past, stilled in the present, one prefers no kind of future!
Without irritation, without agitation,
without regrets, without worry, neither
nor proud, but humble and modest, one is indeed a restrained sage...
not opposed to anything, not wanting anything, all unconcerned,
aloof, gentle, independent, f
or such one there exists neither craving, or fear
for any kind of existence, nor
craving, or fear for any form of non-existence...
calmed one is indifferent to sense pleasures, detached, not clinging to
any kind of property! For him there is nothing more to take up, or to lay down..
For whatever others might accuse him, he remains tranquil, and not agitated..
Neither opposing anything, nor attracted to anything, with nothing of his own,
not perturbed by what does not exist, such tranquil one is truly calmed... 
Sutta-Nipāta 849-861 Edited excerpt.

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