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Dynamic Existence is Caused by What?

The Blessed Buddha has said:
Profound, Ananda, is this dependent origination, and profound does it appear. 
It is through not understanding, not penetrating, this subtle law that this world
resembles a tangled ball of thread, a bird's nest, a thicket of grass or reed...
Any person who does not understand this, does neither escape from the lower
states of existence, from the course of pain, misery and suffering, from this round
of rebirth. Digha Nikāya 15
Whoever understands dependent origination understands the Dhamma. 
Whoever understands the Dhamma understands the dependent origination.
Majjhima Nikāya 28

Dependent Co-Arising (Paticca Samuppāda):

Ignorance causes mental construction to arise.
Mental construction causes consciousness to arise.
Consciousness causes name-&-form, mind-&-matter to arise.
Name-&-form cause the-6-sense-sources to arise.
The-6-sense-sources cause contact to arise.
Contact causes feeling to arise.
Feeling causes craving to arise.
Craving causes clinging to arise.
Clinging causes becoming to arise.
Becoming causes birth to arise.
Birth causes ageing, decay, and death to arise.
Ageing, decay, and death cause Suffering to arise.
So is the emergence of this entire mass of Suffering!

The Chain of Causality of Being is exceedingly Vast and Subtle!
There is becoming, birth, presence, decay, and ceasing of the mental moments.
There is becoming, birth, presence, decay, and ceasing of the material moments.
There is becoming, birth, presence, decay, and ceasing of the life of a being.
There is becoming, birth, presence, decay, and ceasing of the galaxies of the universe.
This sweeping yet exhaustive description of causality applies to all these above four
extreme space-time-scales, and all those in between. Verily indeed a Universal Generality
is this Dependent Co-Arising (Paticca Samuppāda)!

Dig it and keep digging. Then true understanding will ever expand:

Everything has a Cause: Conditioned Origination and Cessation:

Everything has a Cause, but which one?

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