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Do Ghosts, Demons, and Divine Beings Exist?

An genuinely interested friend asked regarding:

“I have difficulty in believing in ghosts & such supernatural beings as divine devas...
I would appreciate your input on this and references to "What the Buddha Said"
in the
Suttas regarding this topic.”


Consciousness & its subtle properties are virtually unknown in the West hehehe... ;-)
Both neurologists and so-called scientist seems to admit that, when calling it:
The hard problem

Early Noble Buddhists however have no problem whatsoever with the phenomenon
of Consciousness! Why not: They know all about it from inside out hihihi ;-)
No need for “debunking” anything here except one's own folly and clinging to
conventional, yet almost childlike naively wrong views...
Can a child validate, confirm or reject anything correctly in all complex cases...
Obviously n
ot so...
Especially not about something he has never seen, heard or
experienced, yet still not on that basis can ever conclude: “Such does not exist”...
Similar folly: It is
like the man-blind-from-birth absurdly & stubbornly postulating:
“The visible world, colours and forms do not exist...” which obviously is grotesque
and dogmatic false babble... Have you ever directly experienced the radio-waves
from your mobile phone? If not, why don't you conclude: "All wireless mobile
communication is impossible...!" Well, obviously, despite the non-observability of
radio-waves, your mobile phone DOES apparently indeed work flawlessly fine...
So also do devas & ghost indeed exist despite their apparent non-observability!

Video on Buddhist Cosmology, Reality, and Genesis:

Reg: Buddhist Canonical Corroboration:
A whole canonical Tipitaka book spoken by the Buddha, Mahāmoggallāna & Sariputta
is devoted to conversations with ghosts and devas on what actions (kamma) brought
them to this respectively high and low level:

— Stories of the Celestial Divine Mansions

83 poems, each explaining how wholesome deeds led to a particular deity's rebirth
in one of the heavenly realms. Availability of English translations:

Print: Minor Anthologies IV: Vimanavatthu: Stories of the Mansions, & Petavatthu,
. Horner, trans. (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1974).
Selected suttas.

At night the Buddhas always advice divine deva=male and devata=female beings:
A whole Samyutta Nikaya Section is devoted these interesting poetic conversations:

Regarding Classification of Devas (lit: shining ones)
Some divine devas and devatas look ~like this:

The Buddha shows Sakka's divine nymphs to Nanda to clear his amorous craving.


Petavatthu — Stories of the Hungry Ghosts

51 poems, each explaining how unwholesome deeds led to the rebirth of a being
into the miserable realm of the "Hungry Ghosts" (peta). English translations:
Print: Minor Anthologies (Vol IV) — Vimanavatthu: Stories of the Mansions,
and Petavatthu, I.B
. Horner, trans. (Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1974).
Selected suttas.

Some realistic imagery of the diversity of Petas = Ghosts:

As complete book here (Excellently translated):
Minor Anthologies of the Pali Canon, Volume 4
Vimanavatthu (stories on the mansions) & Petavatthu (Stories of The departed)
Translated by: I.B. Horner, H. S. Gehman & N. A. Jayawickrama

Furthermore: On Buddhist Cosmology:
The 31 Planes of Existence:

Video of Hell, Ghost, Animal Human and Divine Samsara Levels:

Don't jump prematurely into any conclusion here.
Do neither agree, nor disagree but: EXAMINE IT!
That's what Critical Science is all about Yes? ;-)
Check it out!


Does one mentally "paint"=conceptualize what one "sees" or what one "thinks/believes"?
Observation induces the Object!

Check it Out!

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