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        Buddhism and Modern Cosmology:
         Modern cosmology have recently found out, that the universe is not in a steady state,
         but undergoes periodic expansions (big bangs) and contractions. The Buddha Gotama
         also told exactly so, but more than 2500 years ago, by explaining an awakened memory:
         "He recalls to mind his various temporary states in days gone by -
one life, two lives or
         three or four or 5 rebirths, 10 or 20, 30 or fifty, a 100 or a 1000 or a 100.000 rebirths,
         through many aeons of cosmic contraction and many aeons of cosmic expansion...
         Now there comes a time, friends, when, sooner or later, after the lapse of a long, long
         period of contraction, this world-system implodes away. And when this happens beings
         have mostly been reborn at the level of radiance, and there they dwell, made of mind,
         feeding on joy, radiating light from themselves, traversing space, and dwelling in glory;
         and thus they remain for a long, long period of time. Now then there comes also a time,
         friends, when, sooner or later, this world-system begins to re-evolve by expansion..."
         The Buddha thus clearly knew about big bangs! Source:
Digha Nikāya 1: Brahma-Jala Sutta


Video on Buddhist Cosmology, Reality, and Genesis:

Buddhism and Space-Time Relativity:
Time & space are not universal! Albert Einstein presented the special & general relativity
theory almost a hundred years ago. Still the philosophical implications is only assumed by
few mathematicians. Mainly Einstein's relativity theory points out that time and locality

in space cannot be regarded independent, if the observer & object is moving fast relative
to each other. Differently moving observers will experience different speeds of time even
when using the same watches. They will disagree on the time order of observed events!
A 'Universal' or 'Absolute' or 'same' time does therefore not exist! Time is relative...
Buddha also told about this > 2500 years ago, when comparing the life-lengths of beings:
"Bhikkhus, 50 human years is one night and day to the four guardian devas. The life span of
these four guardian devas
are 500 of those very long divine years...   
Bhikkhus, 1600 human years is one night and day to the devas with power over other beings
mental & physical creations.
Their life span are 16 thousand of those very long divine years!"
Buddha thus also knew about time relativity! Source:
Anguttara Nikāya III.71: Muluposatha Sutta

Relativity: Gravitation Curved Space-Time!

Buddhism and Quantum Mechanics:
Matter is quanta of discrete events and not a permanent same and solid enduring substance!
Another implication of both Einstein's theory and also of quantum mechanics, is that matter
cannot truly be regarded to be continuously existing
neither in time, nor in space. A movement
of a body is thus -absolutely speaking- events of disappearance in one place and its re-arising
in the next place! This process is though so incredible fast, that we experience it as continuous
moving existence. This discreteness of quantum theory is also found exactly so explained in the
Higher Buddha-Dhamma ie: The Abhidhamma considers movement of a 'formed' body to be a
serial decaying and re-arising in adjacent locations! The world thus blinks, rather than endures...
So modern Science, even regarding physical phenomena (Buddhist concept: Rūpa is simply 'form'),
is not so modern after all. Most seem to be rediscovering of what was already
known millenniums
ago, but now ignored & forgotten! Same wine on new bottles: We are going in ring! How comic ;-)

The stuff of the world is mind-stuff.
(Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World)

The old dualism of mind and matter... seems likely to disappear ...
through substantial matter resolving itself into a creation and
manifestation of the mind.
(Jeans, The Mysterious Universe)

The only acceptable point of view appears to be the one that recognizes
both sides of reality—the quantitative and the qualitative, the physical
and the psychical—as compatible with each other, and can embrace them
simultaneously. (Pauli, Writings on Physics and Philosophy)

The conception of the objective reality of the elementary particles has
thus evaporated not into the cloud of some obscure new reality concept,
but into the transparent clarity of a mathematics that represents no longer
the behavior of the particle but rather our knowledge of this behavior.
(Heisenberg, The Representation of Nature in Contemporary Physics)

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