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    What is the Concentration Link to Awakening?

Fixed Focus is the characteristic of the Concentration Link to Awakening
Ceasing of distraction, disturbance, diversion,
agitation, mental instability and wavering is the purpose of the quality of
(Samādhi). Incisive certainty is the manifestation of the
concentration link to awakening.
This stability enables breakthrough to
understanding! Some concentration is present in all kinds of consciousness.
Training that anchors attention on only 1 object by condensing the focus.
The resulting effect of concentration is knowledge and vision!
The proximate cause of concentration is happiness :-)

Concentration comes in increasing grades of intensity:
1: Momentary concentration with a few seconds of one-pointedness. 
2: Preparatory concentration of longer, yet still unstable focus quality.
3: Access concentration, which approaches the 1st jhāna absorption.
4: Absorption concentration with fixed and unified mental one-pointedness.

Fourfold is the blessing of Concentration:
1: Sublime happiness here and now through the 4 absorptions.
2: Assured knowledge and true vision of things as they really are.
3: Awareness and clear comprehension of all transient phenomena.
4: Ceasing of all mental fermentation by absence of clinging. DN 33

The Buddha once said: What mental fermentations (āsava) should be
overcome by development? If a Bhikkhu by careful and rational attention
develops the Concentration Link to Awakening based on seclusion, based
on disillusion, based on ceasing, culminating in renouncing relinquishment,
then neither can mental fermentation, nor any fever, nor any discontent
ever arise in him. MN2 [i 11]

In one whose body is calm, and who enjoys a pleasurable happiness his
mind becomes concentrated. The Concentration Link to Awakening
arises right there. He develops it, and for him repeatedly meditating
it goes gradually to the culmination of its development. MN118 [iii 85]

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Concentration = Samādhi!

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