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    The Hard Problem of Consciousness!


Consciousness is recognized as probably the most hard problem in today's science.
It cannot be reduced to swirling atoms, or neuronal blips, or even ever seen in any
micro-scope or scanning. It exposes a problematic, and maybe even embarrassing
epistemological gap straddling between physics, neuro-physiology and philosophy.
Consciousness seems to be contained in the brain, but not produced by the brain,
just as the beer is contained in the bottle, but not produced by the bottle...
Consciousness holds the key to understanding the nature of core phenomena like
this so-called actual reality versus the imaginary and fanciful dreams.
If both Early Buddhism and Quantum-Mechanics has got it right, then consciousness
is a fundamental property or foundational element in its own right on par with space
and time sharing the all-accommodating quality with these physical elements insofar
as just as they - though empty in themselves! -  can 'contain' all physical things and
matter including mass, light and gravity so can consciousness - in itself also empty -
'contain', display, and even dynamically project all mental objects called 'phenomena'...    

Consciousness (viññāna) from an Early Buddhist Perspective:

The Buddha on Meditation and Higher States of Consciousness:

Online papers on Consciousness & core links:

TIME article: The Mystery of Consciousness:,9171,1580394,00.html


Is consciousness a wave form or an emergent property of the brain?
Is it up in the sky, or hidden inside the labyrinth, or everywhere present?

The Hard Problem of Consciousness!

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