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No Agitation via Detached Release:

The Blessed Buddha once said:
How, friends, is there non-agitation through detached release?
Regarding this, friends, the educated normal person, who is a friend of a Noble
One, and who is clever, and well trained in his Dhamma, or who is a friend of a
Great Man, and is clever, and well trained in his Dhamma, avoids regarding form
as a self, he avoids regarding self as having form, he avoids regarding form as if
inside any self, or any self as if inside any form! Then inevitably his body form
changes and decays. When this change and decay of his material form occurs,
his mind does not become occupied, or obsessed with this change of just a form!
Therefore does no agitated mental state, arisen from worry over this changed
merely physical body form, remain obsessing his mind squeezing it into sadness...
Because his mind is not obsessed, then he is neither frightened, nor distressed,
nor anxious, and via this detached non-clinging his inner agitation is all stilled!
He does not regard feeling as self ... perception as self ... mental construction
as self ... consciousness as self, nor the self as possessing consciousness, nor as
consciousness as if being inside any self, nor any the self as being 'inside' any
consciousness ... When his consciousness momentarily changes and alters, then
his mind does not become engaged with this momentary change of consciousness.
Therefore does no agitated mental state, emerged from concern over this changing
consciousness, remain obsessing his mind.. Because his mind is neither obsessed,
nor upset, nor troubled, nor uneasy with this, or any other change whatsoever,
does this aloof and detached mind silence, still, calm, and evaporate all his prior
agitations with this and that change.. It is exactly in this way, friends, that there
is non-agitation caused by detachment, relinquishment, and absence of clinging.

If the 5 clusters of Clinging are no EGO, how can there ever be lost anything
whatsoever from such vacuum void!  What was never there, cannot ever be lost!

More about this freeing selfless anti-ego impersonality = No-self = Anattā:

On these 5 clusters of Clinging:

Source: An Ocean of Dhamma!
The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya XXII (7); [III 16-9]

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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