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    Craving for Sense Pleasure always causes Suffering!

The Blessed Buddha once said:

Truly, due to craving for sense pleasure, conditioned by sensuous craving, compelled
by craving for sense pleasure, entirely pushed by craving for sense pleasure, does
kings fight with kings, princes fight with princes, priests with priests, citizens with
citizens; mother quarrels with son, son with mother; father with son, son with father;
brother with brother, brother with sister, sister with brother, and any good friend fights
even with his best friend. Thus, lost in conflict, quarrelling, and hostilities, they attack
one another with fists, sticks, or weapons. And thereby they suffer death, or deadly pain.
And further, due to this craving for sense pleasure, people break into houses, rob, plunder,
pillage whole villages, commit highway robbery, and hot-headed seduce other's partners...
Then the rulers have such people caught, and inflict upon them various forms of punishment.
And thereby they meet death, or terrible pain! This is then the misery of sensuous craving:
The accumulation of pain in this present life, due to craving for short, banal, and trivial
sense pleasure... Furthermore, one accepts evil modes of behaviour, speech, and thought!
Therefore, at the break-up of the body, right after death, one fall into a bad state of
existence, a state of suffering, into perdition, even into the inferno of the many hells...
Such is the heaping up of future suffering caused by craving for this short-lived & simple
sense pleasure... All this inflamed mass of misery results from craving for sense pleasure...

Beings are attracted to, and consumed by Sense Pleasure, just like the Moth flying into the Flame...

All Craving causes Suffering!
Blissful is being without passions in this world,
Blissful is the overcoming of all sense-desires!
Udana II, 1

More on the folly vanity of desire for simple Sense Pleasure (Hedonism):

Is being habitually hooked on Hedonism lasting Happiness, or just deadly addiction?

The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha. Majjhima Nikāya MN 13

Craving Causes Misery!

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