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Self-Critique versus Blaming others!

A good friend asked:
1: How can we avoid self blame, when things are not right?
2: How can we get rid of the feeling of spiritual inadequacy?

Answer 1:
Blaming (whether of oneself, or others) contains a stint of hate/aversion,
that makes blaming quite unsuitable as a vehicle for reconstructive purposes...
Critique/good advice (whether of one-self, or others) should better be based
these 5 principles given by the blessed Buddha:

[1] "Do I think/speak at the right time, or not?
[2] "Do I think/speak of actual facts, or not?
[3] "Do I think/speak gently or harshly?
[4] "Do I think/speak long-term advantageous thoughts/words or not?
[5] "Do I think/speak with a kind heart, or internally/externally malicious?

Answer 2: “Spiritual inadequacy” can be utilized  in 2 widely different ways:
A: Skillfully:
To urge one to enhance or stabilize the effort by inducing a sense of urgency!
B: Un-skillfully:
By straining mind by self-blaming and self-hating disabling all good efforts...
Whenever state B is recognized, then redirect mind to state A. This can indeed
elevate the mind by adding purposefulness!  to even a 'bad', unwanted, wrong,
and displeasing state by inducing a sense of –meaning-  even with the absurd!
Like: “Ahh what an excellent training ground and thus opportunity for progress
is not this frustrating event!” Or:
“OK fine, but there is definitely room for improvement here...” ;-)

However: The utility and efficacy of self-critique depends on the individual:
1: The mostly greedy, lusty and desirous one, will tend towards complacency.
2: The mostly angry, and irritated one, will tend towards denial, or self-hatred.
3: The mostly confused and uncertain, will tend towards neglect, or hesitation.
Unfortunately: In either of these 3 cases, the final result is the very same:
The mental defilements are left unabated in dominating the mind, whether it
is due to carelessness (1), opposition (2), or disregard and vacillation (3).
Why so? The problem (inner and mental) is not SEEN as it really IS, to the degree
it actually is present in mind, thought, speech and behaviour, due to grossly
lapsing or completely absent (self) Awareness (sati)...

Lapsing Awareness are periods of:
Mind seeing mind for split-seconds, or a few seconds at most...
interrupted by:
Mind looking elsewhere for pleasure for minutes/hours/days/months/years/lives...

As Ven. Luang Pu Atulo aptly noted:
The Mind sent Outside is the Cause of Suffering.
The Effect of the Mind sent Outside is Suffering.
The Mind seeing the Mind is the Path: The Noble Way!
The Effect of Mind seeing Mind, is the End of Suffering.

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Critique versus Blaming!

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