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Death Contemplation is Daily Routine:

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Contemplation on death, Bhikkhus and friends, when developed and frequently
practised, brings high reward and blessing, has the Deathless Dimension itself
as goal and sweet fruit. And how so? Bhikkhus and friends, at every dawn and
dusk the wise Bhikkhu thinks to himself: Truly, there are many possibilities of
dying: a snake may bite me, or a scorpion, or centipede may sting me, and thereby
I may lose my life. This would be an obstruction for reaching lasting happiness!
Or I may stumble and fall down; or become seriously sick, or bad men, or evil
spirits may attack me, and thereby I may die. That would indeed be for me an
obstruction blocking approach, and access to the deathless state of Nibbāna!
Here, a Bhikkhu therefore considers by intelligent reflection: Are there still
found in me unsubdued evil and disadvantageous mental states, that if I should
die today or tonight, would lead me to a bad, painful, low, ugly, poor, painful,
or unsuccessful next life?
Now, if he by such reflection realize that there are indeed still unsubdued,
evil, and disadvantageous mental states found in him, then he should use his
outmost determination, energetic effort, endurance, steady awareness, and
clear comprehension in order to subdue these evil and disadvantageous mental
! If, however, the Bhikkhu by reflection notices that there are not anymore
found in him any evil, and disadvantageous mental states, then such Bhikkhu can
dwell in pure blissful serene joy, training himself in all advantageous things both
by day and by night!
Source: Anguttara Nikāya 8:74


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