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  Stilling Desire and Lust stops the Yearning!

The Blessed Buddha once said:

Friends, you should abandon all desire and any lust for whatever there is
impermanent, vanishing, and neither me, nor mine, nor owned by any self!
And what is impermanent, suffering & neither me, nor mine, nor any self?
The eyes and all forms are impermanent, suffering, and all impersonal...
The ears and all sounds are transient, affliction, and without any self...
The nose and all smells are fleeting, miserable, and not belonging to any..
The tongue & all flavours are temporary, addictive, and always ownerless.
The body and all touches are passing, obsessive, remote, alien &, non-self!
The mind and all thoughts are momentary, imaginary, and without a core...
Friends, you should eliminate all desire and any lust for whatever there is
impermanent, suffering, and impersonal, whether these appearances are
past, present or future, internal or external, high or low, fine or gross,
far or near... That will indeed ease your well-fare for a long, long time...
Why so? Because - Craving in itself! - is the very cause of all Suffering ...
This is the 2nd Noble Truth, unheard of before, the Buddha discovered it!

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The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [149-151]
Section 35: On The 6 Senses. The abandoning of desire &  lust: 168-183.

Desire and Lust Burns with Suffering!

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