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A.   Anguttara Nikāya (figures refer to number of book nipāta and Sutta)
Abh.    Abhidhamma Pitaka (Canon)
Abh. S.    Abhidhammattha Sangaha
Abh. St.    Abhidhamma Studies, by Nyanaponika Thera (BPS)
App.    Appendix at the end of this book
Atthasālini    (Com. to Dhammasangani)
Atthasālini Tr.    The Expositor, tr. by Maung Tin. PTS Tr. Series
Boehtl.    Otto Boehtlingk, Sanskrit-Wörterbuch
BPS    Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy
CNid.    Cūla Niddesa
Com.    Commentary
D.    Dīgha Nikāya (figures: number of Sutta)
Dhp.    Dhammapada
Dhs.    Dhammasangani
Fund.    Fundamentals of Buddhism, Nyanatiloka (BPS)
Guide    Guide through the Abhidhamma Pitaka, Nyanatiloka, 3rd ed. 1971 (BPS)
It.    Itivuttaka
Kath.    Kathāvatthu
Khp.    Khuddakapātha
Khp. Tr.    Minor Readings & Illustrator, tr. (of Khp. & Com) by ñānamoli Thera.
PTS Tr.    Series
M.    Majjhima Nikāya (figures: number of Sutta)
MNid.    Mahā Niddesa
Mil.    Milinda Pañhā
Path    Path to Deliverance, Nyanatiloka (BPS) (figures: paragraphs)
Patth.    Patthāna
Pts.M.    Patisambhidā Magga
PTS    Pāli Text Society's editions
Pug.    Puggala-Paññatti (figures: paragraphs)
R. Und.    Right Understanding, tr. (of M. 9 & Com.) by Soma Thera (BPS)
S.    Samyutta Nikāya (figures: numbers of Samyutta and Sutta)
Sn.    Sutta Nipāta (figures numbers of verses)
Tab.    Table at the end of the book
Therag.    Theragāthā
Tr.    Translation
Ud. Udana
Vibh.    Vibhanga
Vis.M.    Visuddhi Magga (figures numbers of chapter & the paragraphing in Path  of Purification, tr. by ñānamoli Thera, 3rd ed., BPS)
W.of B.    The Word of the Buddha, Nyanatiloka (BPS)
Yam.    Yamaka

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