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Earnestness: appamāda

Earth-element: see: dhātu I.

Eating: knowing the measure in bhojane mattaññutā.

Effort: the 4 right e.: samma-ppadhāna see: padhāna Right e. see: sacca IV 6, magga 6. - 5 elements of e.: padhāniyanga

Ego-entity: attā

Ego-belief: see: ditthi, sakkāya-ditthi, vipallāsa.

Ego-idea or Ego-perception: see: vipallāsa

Egolessness: anattā

Path" 8-fold path: see: magga.

Eka-bījī: 'germinating only once more', is the name for one of the 3 kinds of Stream-winners: see: sotāpanna.

Ekāsanik'anga: the exercise of eating at one sitting, is one of the ascetic practices; see: dhutānga

Eka-vokāra-bhava: one-group existence, is the existence of the unconscious beings asañña-satta as they possess only the materiality-group. Cf. catu-vokāra-bhava pañca-vokāra-bhava.

Elasticity: of materiality, mental properties or consciousness: mudutā see: khandha Materiality I.B. and Tab. II.

Elders: the teaching of the: theravāda

Elements: dhātu - Analysis of the 4 e.: dhātu-vavatthāna

Emotion: 8 sources of e.: samvega-vatthu. The 4 places rousing emotion; samvejanīya-tthāna

Emptiness: Suññatā - Contemplation of e.: suññatānupassanā - For emptiness of self, pertaining to the 4 truths, see: sacca.

Ends: 'attaining two ends simultaneously'; sama-sīsī.

Energy: viriya, further see: bojjhanga, bala, pāramī

Enlightened one: the: Buddha; see: sammā-sambuddha.

Enlightenment: bodhi- The 7 elements of e.: bojjhanga- A being destined for e.: Bodhisatta.

Enthusiasm: pīti

Envy: Issā

Equality-conceit: see: māna.

Equanimity: upekkhā = tatra-majjhattatā. - Knowledge consisting in e. with regard to all constructions, see: visuddhi VI, 8. - Indulging in e., see: manopavicāra

Equilibrium of mental abilities: indriya-samatta.

Escape: nissarana see: pahāna.

Eternity: cf. kappa

Eternity-belief: sassata-ditthi see: ditthi

Exertion: see padhāna viriya magga 6. - Reaching Nibbāna with or without e.; see: anāgāmi

Existence: bhava - The 5 groups of e.: khandha - The 4 substrata of e.: upadhi - Courses of e.: gati- Wheel of e.: samsāra. - Craving for e.: bhava-tanhā see: tanhā - The 3 characteristics of e.: ti-lakkhana

Expression: bodily and verbal: see: viññatti

Ceasing: see: nirodha; of craving: tanhakkhaya.

Extremes: the two e. and the middle path; see: majjhima-patipadā.

Eye: 5 kinds, see: cakkhu- Visual organ, see: āyatana.

visual-consciousness: cakkhu-viññāna see: dhātu, khandha

Eye-organ: see: āyatana

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