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Gantha: 'ties'.;There are 4 ties: the bodily tie kāyagantha of covetousness abhijjhā of ill-will vyāpāda, of clinging to rule and ritual sīlabbata-parāmāsa of dogmatical fanaticism idamsaccābhinivesa D. 33. -;These things are ties, since they tie this mental and material body; Vis.M XXII, 54.

Garuka-kamma: weighty kamma; see: kamma.

Gati: lit. 'going': 'course of existence', destiny, destination.;There are 5 courses of existence: hell, animal kingdom, ghost realm, human world, divine world; D. 33; A. XI, 68. Of these, the first 3 count as woeful courses duggati see: apāya the latter 2 as happy courses sugati.

Gems: the 3:ti-ratana

Generation: the 4 modes of: yoni

Germinating once more: eka-bījī is the name of one of the 3 kinds of sotāpanna

Ghosts: cf. peta yakkha see: loka

Giving: dāna

Gladness: somanassa - Indulging in g., see: manopavicāra.

Gnosis: see: indriya 21.

Gotrabhū: lit. 'who has entered the lineage of the Noble Ones', i.e. the Matured One.

I. 'change-of-lineage-Moment' gotrabhū-citta is the last of the 4 impulse moments javana cf. viññāna-kicca immediately preceding the entering into an absorption jhāna or into one of the supra-mundane paths see: ariya-puggala A.. Cf. visuddhi VII.

II. The 'Matured One'.;He who is endowed with those things, immediately upon which follows the entrance into the noble path ariya-magga, this person is called a 'Matured One'.; Pug 10. In the Com. to this passage it is said:;He who through perceiving Nibbāna, leaves behind the whole multitude of worldlings puthujjana, the family of worldlings, the circle of worldlings, the designation of a worldling and enters into the multitude of the Noble Ones, the family of the Noble Ones, the circle of the Noble Ones, and obtains the designation of a Noble One, such a being is called a Matured One.; By this state of consciousness is meant the lightning-like transitional stage between the state of a worldling and that of a sotāpanna see: ariya-puggala- Gotrabhū is mentioned in this sense, i.e. as 9th ariya-puggala, in A. IX, 10; X, 16.

Gotrabhū-ñāna: 'change-of-lineage-knowledge'; see: prec. and visuddhi VII

Gradual instruction: Ānupubbīkathā

Grasping: cf.parāmāsa, upādāna.

Great man: the 8 thoughts of a: mahāpurisa-vitakka.

Greed: lobha

Greedy consciousness: see: Tab, I, III. 22-29.

Greedy-natured: rāga-carita see: carita

Grief: domanassa - Indulging in g. see: manopavicāra.

Groups: of existence, see: khandha material groups, see: rūpa-kalāpa materiality-group, see: rūpa-kāya mind-group, see: nāma-kāya

Growth: bodily: rūpassa upacaya see: khandha I.

Grudge: see: patigha

Gustatory organ: see: āyatana.

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