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Questions and answers: pañhā-byākarana


Radiant gods: ābhassara cf. deva.

Rāga: 'lust', 'greed', is a synonym of lobha see: mūla, tanhā, and abhijjhā see: kamma-patha For kāma-, rūpa-, arūpa-rāga see: samyojana

Rāga-carita: the 'greedy-natured'; see: carita

Rapture: pīti, further see: bojjhanga

Reaction: sense-: see: patigha

Ready-wit: s. patisambhidā

Reality: s. paramattha- Vision and knowledge according to r.- see: vipassanā 15.

Realization: For theory, practice and r., see: pariyatti

Rebirth: s. patisandhi paticcasamuppāda 3,10, kamma, punabbhava

Receptive consciousness: sampaticchana-citta see: viññānakicca

Recollectons: s. anussati

Red-kasina exercise: s. kasina

Reflecting contemplation: patisankhānupassanā see: vipassanā 17.

Reflection: power of: patisankhāna-bala

Reflex-perceptions: s. patigha 2a.

Refuge-formula: the 3-fold: ti-sarana

Regenerating process: upapatti-bhava see: bhava

Regenerative kamma: janaka-kamma see: kamma.

Registering consciousness: tadārammana-citta see: viññāna-kicca

Relative truth: cf. puggala, paramattha-sacca, desanā, anattā, satta

Remembrance: of former existences: see: abhiññā 4.

Remorse: kukkucca

Repetition: āsevana-paccaya is one of the 24 conditions paccaya.

Repression: overcoming by: vikkhambhana-pahāna see: pahāna

Repugnance: patigha

Resistance-perceptions: s. patigha 2a.

Restlessness: uddhacca

Retrospective knowledge: paccavekkhana-ñāna.

Reversible merit: patti-dāna

Right understanding: or r. view, r. thought, etc.: see: magga

Rise and fall: of phenomena: the knowledge consisting in the contemplation of r. and f., see: visuddhi VI, 1.

Round of rebirth: s. vatta 2, samsāra- The 3-fold r. of r. see: vatta 1.

Rukkha mulik'anga: s. dhutānga.

Rules and ritual: clinging to mere: see: samyojana, upādāna

Ruminating-natured: vitakka-carita see: carita

Rūpa: 1 materiality see:khandha 1; 2 visual object see: āyatana 3 fine-material see: avacara jhāna

Rūpa-jjhāna: s. jhāna

Rūpa-kalāpa: 'material group', material unit, designates a combination of several physical phenomena constituting a temporary unity. Thus, for instance, the so-called 'dead matter' forms the most primitive group, consisting only of 8 physical phenomena, called the 'pure 8-fold unit' or 'octad' suddhatthakakalāpa to wit: the 4 elements the solid, fluid, heat, motion; colour, smell, taste, nutriment pathavī, āpo, tejo, vāyo; vanna, gandha, rasa, ojā In Vis.M, and elsewhere, it is also called ojatthamaka-kalāpa 'the octad with nutriment as the 8th factor'.

The simplest form of living matter is the '9-fold vitality unit' or 'life-ennead' jīvita-navaka-kalāpa formed by adding 'vitality' to the octad. Seven decades, or units of ten dasaka-kalāpa are formed by adding to the 9-fold unit one of the following material phenomena: heart physical seat of mind, sex, eye, ear, nose, tongue or body. - See Vis.M XVIII, 4; Compendium of Buddhist Philosophy PTS, p. 164, 250; Atthasālini Tr., II, 413f.

Rūpa-kāya: 'body-group', as distinguished from nāma-kāya 'mind-group'. See nāma-rūpa

Khandha rūpa-khandha: 'materiality group'; see: khandha 1.

Rūpa loka: 'fine-material world'; see: loka.

Rūpārammana: 'visual object', designates the external of visual physical phenomenon 'light wave' that forms the base consciousness. Cf. āyatana 2.

Rūpa-rūpa: = nipphanna-rūpa

Rūpāvacara: s. avacara

Rūpāyatana: s. āyatana 2.

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