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How does Direct Experience confirm Faith?

Sariputta once said to the Buddha:
It is to be expected, Venerable Sir, that any Noble Disciple who has faith,
who has aroused energy and established awareness, and who is concentrated,
will understand reality thus: This Samsara is without discoverable beginning!
Any first point for beings roaming and wandering on, blinded by ignorance and
bound by craving cannot ever be seen! But what can indeed be experienced
is the traceless fading and ceasing of ignorance, this massive of darkness:
That is the peaceful state, that is the supreme state ... that is, the stilling of
all mental construction, the relinquishment of all acquisition, the elimination
of all craving, complete disenchanting disillusion, final ceasing, Nibbāna!
That unique comprehension of his is rooted in his ability to understand Sir!
And, Venerable Sir, when he has  strived again and again along this very way,
repeatedly recollected in that way, again and again concentrated his mind in
exactly this way, over and over again understood only this in this very way,
then that Noble Disciple gains complete faith thus: Regarding things that I
previously had only heard about, now I dwell having contacted them with my
body, and having perforated them by understanding; I now see and directly
experience! That conviction, Venerable Sir, is his ability of faith working...
Sadhu! Sadhu! Good, true and well spoken Sariputta! Noted the Buddha...

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Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:226] section 48: The Abilities. 50: At Āpana ...

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