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Disentangling both the inner and the outer Knot:

The Blessed Buddha once said:
When a wise man well established in moral purity, develops his mind,
and his understanding, then as a Bhikkhu, earnest and intelligent,
He disentangles this entangled knot...
SN I 13

Just as a man standing firm on the ground and taking up a well-sharpened
sword might disentangle a great mesh of bamboos, so too, does this Bhikkhu
possessing 4 things: Morality, Concentration, Energy, and Understanding cut
away the maze of mess and demolish all the labyrinthine snarls of delusion!
Visuddhimagga I 4

Disentangling from the world by withdrawal unravels the outer complication...
Disentangling from name-&-form, body and mind, releases the inner intricacy...
Thus freed from fermentations of all what is physical, and all what is mental,
one disengages and detaches from this enmeshed, ensnaring and perplexing puzzle!

On Detachment see: Final_Fundamental_Freedom!

Disentangling the Knot...

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