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Doing much Good and doing No evil produces Divine Rebirth!

Whoever is never looking only for his own comfort and, who does neither enjoy his house, job, or social
status, such one as chief of planets will be reborn at the level of the great Mahārājikā gods.
Whoever venerates mother, father, clan elders and recluses, is charitable, patient and takes no pleasure
in quarrelling will be reborn higher among the Thirty-three gods.
Whoever neither likes disputes, nor engage in quarrels, but only cherish righteousness go to the Yāma gods.
Those who are very learned, who know Dhamma by heart, are very wise, and longing for release, completely
content with the purity of morality goes to the Tusita gods.
Those who spontaneously are based on right behaviour, giving, and monastic discipline, & are of full effort,
inevitably go to the Nimmānarati gods. Those who are of superior virtue, are open-minded, devoted to giving,
self-control and mental refinery will be reborn among the Paranimitta gods.
One attains to the Tavatimsa heaven by right conduct, to the blessing of Brahmas fine material world by
jhāna meditation and to Nibbāna by knowing things just as they really are. The fruit of ones behaviour is
pleasant or unpleasant. Pleasing behaviour produce a comfortable future state
, while unpleasant behaviour
has pain and suffering as future effect. These 3 should be reflected much upon: Death, disease, decay and
old age, separation from all one likes, and the inevitable fruit of each particular type of action.  In this way
will one gradually reach the destruction of greed. Whoever is free from greed, progress to perform merit!
Thus one discards all evil. You must all listen carefully to this summary, since this has been explained by the
Great Seer! Doing what is good for others, and avoiding anything harmful to others is advantageous action,
while detrimental action is doing the opposite! 5 rebirth-destinations as god, human, ghost, animal, or as hell
being have been explained by Buddha himself to be the possible states for future being in existence!

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On The Thirty-one Planes of Existence:


More details on the various Divine Rebirth Destinations:


Source (edited extract):
Pañcagatidīpanī  by Ashvaghosa and Saddhammaghosa: 11-12th century AC.
Tr. by Ann A. Hazlewood. Journal of the Pāli Text Society. Vol. XI 1987:

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