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10 Contemplations are Daily Buddhist Routine!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus and friends: There is one contemplation, which when often practiced
and developed leads to a complete turning away from this captivating world,
to detachment, to silencing, to ceasing, to Peace, to penetrating knowledge,
to Enlightenment, and thus to Nibbāna...
Any Noble Disciple, who by progress has understood this Dhamma, dwells
frequently in this state. What is that unique contemplation?
The Noble Disciple contemplates on the divine beings in this very way:
There are the divine beings on the plane of the Four Great Kings, there are
the divine beings of the World of the Thirty-three, there are a Yama World,
there are the Contented Devas, there are also those enjoying own creation!
There are those with power over others creations, those of the Brahma world,
and those still far above them... Now, such faith, morality, wisdom, generosity,
concentration and understanding, which these divine beings acted upon and
which caused their rebirth on a divine plane after leaving this world, such
good qualities as these, are also found in me! When a Noble Disciple reflects
thus, his mind is neither obsessed by any greed, nor by any hate, nor by any
confusion! Uplifted and elated is his mind, and this makes the Noble Disciple
gain further deeper understanding of the Dhamma, and thus makes the Noble
Disciple delight in the Dhamma! Being delighted, there arises rapturous joy
in him. Being filled with rapture and joy, he is inwardly satisfied, and he becomes
quite calm. Being calmed makes him enjoy bliss and happiness, and the mind of
the Happy One becomes inwardly collected, condensed, and concentrated...
Of this Noble Disciple, friends, it is said that among many misguided humans,
among suffering humankind, he lives freed from suffering! And as one who
has entered the stream to Nibbāna, he cultivates further his contemplation.
When, friends, a Noble Disciple has reached the fruit of understanding the
Dhamma, he dwells often with a calm smile in this state! Source: AN 6:10

Sakka - king of the 33 devas - hovering about with some of his many nymphs.   
More on the many various types of gods (Devas= lit: 'Shining ones'):


Many devas can attain whatever form and colour at will. Some is made of light!
They do not like the smell of humans, like we don't like the smell of eg. pigs...
There are 31 levels of existence (Human is level 5!). There thus numerous devas:

Documentary on Near-Death Experiences (NDE):
Light, Love and Life after Life...

On Rebirth from an Early Buddhist Perspective:

Divine Guidance!

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