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There are two kinds of Energy: Bodily and Mental!

There are two kinds of the Energy Ability (Viriyindriya):
1. Bodily Energy (Kāyika-viriya) and 2. Mental Energy (Cetasika-viriya)

There are two degrees of the Energy Ability:
1: Ordinary Energy (Pakati-viriya) and 2. Energy developed by meditation (Bhāvanā-viriya)

Bodily Energy is reducing sleep and being vigorous and energetic in all.
Mental Energy is alert enthusiasm in keen attention to whatever object.
Any kind of work will only reach success if gaining mastery over it...
If done without real energy the work gains mastery over the person and no concrete results appear,
days and months drag along and strong disgust with the work appears, leading to laziness.
When being lazy the progress of the work slows down, and the fake idea appears that it maybe
would be better to change work or give it up altogether...
In meditative work, quick success is obtained only by one endowed with both bodily and mental energy.
Only Energy developed by meditation can completely overcome sloth and laziness. The mind then takes
enthusiastic delight in dwelling fixed on the objects on which its attention is strong!
This is the Energy Ability (Viriyindriya) developed by meditation...

The requisites of Enlightenment. Ven. Ledi Sayādaw. Wheel 171/172 http://www.bps.lk/

For a full Study on Energy (Viriya): The root Hero of all Success:


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