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From external Element to Urge to silly Search:

There is the element of eye-sensitivity, and the element of visual form, which together
induces the element of visual consciousness. The coincidence of these three, is eye Contact...
Thus in dependence on this element of visual-sensitivity, there arises eye-
In dependence on eye-contact, there arises a
feeling, born of eye-contact.
In dependence on feeling born of eye-contact, there arises instant
In dependence on the element of visual form, there arises
In dependence on this visual experience,
tendency towards a form arises.
In dependence on this inclination,
desire for particular visible forms arises.
In dependence on this specific desire, a
fever for these specific forms arises.
In dependence on this fever for form,
searching after these certain forms arises.
In dependence on this search for form,
reaching out, acquisition, clinging & panic
to a wide variety of , comes into being... Such is the arising of this entire
mass of ever frustrated suffering...

Similarly with the pairs: ear & sound, nose & smell, tongue & taste, body & touch,
mind & mental states, which make their respective kinds of consciousness arise.

This search, this urge, and this compulsive drive, is caused by that craving !
Craving that was born from
feeling, which was arisen from contact...
Craving causes Suffering...
Right here and now, later and much later...
Right there at welcoming this
Contact, is this Suffering  therefore born...
Right there at avoiding
Contact, is this Suffering  therefore left...

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice-Cream...
(Jim Jarmusch in the film: Down by Law)

More on this thorny Craving causing all pain:

The Grouped Sayings on the Elements by the Buddha. Dhatu-Samyutta Nikāya XIV

We all Scream for Ice-Cream!

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