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A Quite Advantageous Daily Routine:

One should often contemplate the inevitable fact of
DEATH! Why actually doing this?
Because this inevitably  makes one approach Nibbāna  – The only Deathless Destination - ...
Neglecting thinking about death makes one accumulate future rebirths, and thereby also
future rounds of ageing, decay, sickness and inevitable death! This is thus only Suffering!
Considering death is therefore quite advantageous, but initially not exactly pleasant...
Death contemplation gradually gives fearlessness of death, and evaporate all other anxieties.
Neglecting death is therefore detrimental, though more dull and pleasant as if anesthetized ...
This fact remains: One looses
ALL again and again at the moment of death including this body...
Death itself is painless and should not be feared.. It is life itself  that is painful and dreadful
and thus should
be feared! The only way to escape this life-death-cycle is not to be (re)-born...
Only that is Peace ! Only this is Freedom from all future suffering!
Only that is END of all pain...
Only such final cessation of Samsara
  is - in itself - irreversibly lasting Happiness !

As the Buddha Gotama said:
Nibbānam paranam sukham...
Nibbāna is the Highest Bliss!
Dhammapada 203/204

Stopping the Spin...

On daily Death-Contemplation as advised by the Buddha:

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