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Entering the Noble Stream leading to NibbAna:

At Savatthi the Buddha said: Bhikkhus, the eyes are impermanent, changing,
becoming otherwise. All forms are impermanent, changing, & becoming otherwise.
The ear & all sounds, the nose & all smells, the tongue & all tastes, the body,
all touches, & the mind & all ideas are all impermanent, transient, changing, and
always becoming otherwise. One who accepts these teachings by understanding,
after having examined them, by careful reflection, is called a Dhamma-follower!
One who decides to place confidence in these teachings, is a Faith-follower!
Both such persons have entered the fixed track of correctness, entered a plane
of superior being, and thereby transcended the level of ordinary worldling.
Such beings cannot do any action later resulting in rebirth in hell, or as animal,
or as hungry ghost! Such Nobles are incapable of dying without having enjoyed
the fruit of stream-entry. Knowing & seeing these teachings thus, one is called
a Stream-Enterer, saved from lower worlds, fixed in destiny, with enlightenment
as destination within 7 lives at most...!

Regarding the precious abilities of:
The Stream-Winner & Stream Entry:

The Noble Beings:


In comparison with kingship over whole earth,
In comparison with arising in a divine world,
In comparison with supremacy over all universes,
the fruit of entering the Stream - being a
Sotāpanna -
is of supreme excellence. Dhammapada 178


The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 25(1) III 225

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The Stream Supreme!

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