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Evaporate the Enemy inside by Friendliness :-)

Suppose an enemy has hurt you now, in what is his domain, his house etc...
Why try yourself additionally to hurt your mind? That is not his domain!
In tears you have left your family, though they had been both kind and nice.
So why not leave your 'enemy': The anger that brings you internal harm?
This anger that we harbour is gnawing at the very roots of all the qualities
and virtues, that we otherwise try to guard and protect! Anger is foolish!
Another behaves badly... Then stirred one becomes angry! But how is this?
Does one really want to copy the bad behaviour, that he just committed?
Suppose another, to annoy, provokes you with some offensive behaviour:
Why suffer then by letting anger spring up? One is certainly punished so...
If anger-blinded enemies plans conflict, getting angry one-self only grows
even more hostility! Therefore put this bitter anger down, since why should
one be harassed groundlessly? Since all states last only a moment's time,
this 'enemy' has already evaporated, when the sweet revenge is planned...
But why then attack an 'absence', that is only an image maintained inside?
The 'enemy' never really was there 'outside', but only became interpreted
so, by an inner mental pollution called hate, anger, aversion, irritation etc...

Whatever an enemy may do to an enemy, or whatever a hater might to another
blinded by hate, one's own mind wrongly directed by false or evil view,
can indeed do to oneself, yet even far much worse!
Dhammapada Illustration 42 Background Story 42

The worst enemy of the simple fool is himself! This his beloved ego commit the
doings from which he reaps the result of bitter pain.
Dhammapada Illustration 66 Background Story 66

The one whose evil views has gripped the whole of his mind, like a creeper
gradually overgrow even the tallest tree, is surely his own worst enemy ...
Dhammapada Illustration 162
Background Story 162

Video on Mettā  Meditation on Friendliness:
How to cure Depression? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz0nE1wRWQY

Source: The Path of Purification: (Visuddhimagga) 301

Universal friendliness, which cures all anger, is a divine state:
Metta, Buddha on Noble Friendship, Good_Friendship, Blazing Friendliness,
Selfless Friendship is Sweetest, All Embracing Kindness, United_in_Harmony,
United in Harmony, Goodwill Encore, The Good Friend, Blazing and Bright,
Kalyanamitta, Friendliness Frees, Blazing_Friendliness, Brahma vihaara,
Infinite_Friendliness, Unique_Unity Good-Will_Again, Bon_Benevolence,
Good_Friendship, The_Good_Friend, Goodwill_Encore, Released_by_GoodWill,
All_Embracing_Kindness, What_is_Wrong, Infinite_and_Divine_Classic,
Universal_Friendliness, The-Effective_Saw, All-Embracing_Kindness,
Friendly_plus_Unselfish_equals_Honourable, The_Grace_of_Goodwill,
Unsurpassable_Radiance, Safe_Medicine, Symbiotic_Sympathy,
Calm_Kindness, Blazing_Goodwill, Genuine_Goodwill!

Evaporate the inner Enemy!

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