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Evident, yet Subtle are the 4 fine Facts of the Dhamma!

Dependent origination becomes evident, when really seeing, and understanding:
When this exists, that also comes into being: The seed initiates the plant...
When this does not exist, that neither comes into being: No seed, no plant...
Wrong view of annihilation becomes evident, when seeing and understanding:
All causes are connected with their resulting effect. Nothing just appears!
Wrong view of eternity becomes evident, when seeing and understanding:
All states arise instantly as new phenomena. They were not there before...
The characteristic of no-self no-substance becomes evident, when understanding:
That all states have no core essence, and that their being depend on other conditions.
The characteristic of impermanence becomes evident, when understanding:
States arise and cease instantly. After having been, they do never ever exist again!
The characteristic of suffering becomes evident, when fully comprehending:
All liked phenomena come and go. Their inevitable loss is a recurring frustration. 
When these subtle, yet crucial truths, all consequences of dependent origination,
has become evident to the Buddhist disciple, then all these constructed formations
appear to him as a stream perpetual terror: "So all these appearances, it seems,
not having ever been, come into existence, and then immediately cease, for never
ever to return...  Nothing liked can therefore ever remain, or be kept as if owned...!"
Source: Visuddhimagga 632

Arising from conditions, roll in, splash out, and then always forever gone ...

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