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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


Disgust disables Greed, Lust and Voracity!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
What, Ananda, is the experience of disgust? Here the Bhikkhu contemplates
this body from the soles of the feet upward, and back again from the top of
the hair downward, seeing it as frame of bones with a skin stretched over it,
and filled with much filthy putrescence such as: head-hairs, body-hairs, nails,
teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bones, marrow, kidneys, heart, liver, vomit, spleen,
diaphragm, lungs, intestine, mesentery, stomach, excrement, brain, bile, lymph,
pus, blood, sweat, fat, tears, skin, tallow, spit, slime, snot, joint-fluid, & urine.
This is the experience of
disgust (asubha-sañña).

Source (edited extract):
The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 10:60, AN V 108ff.
Girimananda Sutta

More on this cooling Disgust whose purpose is evaporation of Greed, Lust and Desire:


For Inspiration have a collection of Corpse Pictures Only for Adults been deposited here:
https://s914.photobucket.com/albums/ac350/Asubha/  Guest Password: corpses

Good autopsy video of shot soldier here:


The rewards are:
1: Absence of greed, lust, desire, craving, urge, need, longing and discontent.
2: Fearlessness of Death & thereby Fearlessness of All! = Elevated Joy!

Any Body is just a painted puppet!
A chain of bones plastered by skin with 9 oozing holes!
A heap of sores & rotten excrement with evil intentions!


The Painted Puppet!

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