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Experiencing Impermanence Exposes the Futility of Clinging!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
What, Ananda, is the experience of impermanence, inconstancy and transience?
When a Bhikkhu, having gone to a forest, to the foot of a tree, or to an empty
place, reflects thus: All form is inconstant, all feeling is fleeting, any experience
is impermanent, all mental construction is transient, and all consciousness is
momentary, and in this way remains understanding impermanence, the inconstancy
and transience of these
5 Clusters of Clinging...
Then this, Ananda, is indeed the very experience of impermanence...,
The perception of inconstancy... and the sensation of transience...

Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 10:60, AN V 108ff.


Buddha furthermore explained:
Bhikkhus, there is no lasting matter, or materiality, no lasting form whatsoever...
There is no lasting feeling whatsoever... no lasting perception whatsoever...
There is no lasting mental construction, thought, idea or intention whatsoever...
There is no lasting consciousness, or awareness of anything whatsoever...
There is no permanent, everlasting, eternal thing that is not subject to change,
not transient, not decaying, not vanishing, that will last as long as eternity...
SN 22.96/vol. iii, 144

All formations, all constructions are impermanent, transient, vanishing...
MN 35/vol. i, 230

Whatever can arise and emerge, that also will surely cease...
MN 56/vol. i, 380


Comments from the classical commentaries:

Impermanence is not Evident unless specifically looked for:
False apparent continuity covers up and camouflages impermanence:
The characteristic of impermanence does not become apparent because,
when rise and fall are not given attention, it is concealed by continuity...
However, when continuity is disrupted by observing rise and fall here and now,
the characteristic of impermanence becomes apparent in its true nature.
Visuddhimagga Ch. xxi/p. 640

Moments of discrete mental states always change as iron darts hit:
Observing the abrupt change of all states discloses their discrete nature:
When continuity is disrupted means, when it is exposed by observation of
the perpetual alteration of states, as they come on occurring in succession.
For it is not through the connectedness of states, that the characteristic of
impermanence becomes apparent to one who rightly observes rise and fall,
but rather the characteristic becomes properly evident through their discrete
disconnectedness, regarded as if each moment were iron darts, hitting in on
reality one by one separately, instead of as a continuous flow of slow change.
VismA. 824

All states rise and fall. This characteristic of change, ageing, and evanescence
is the universal impermanence of all worldly. Nothing here escapes change!
It is a distortion of view, perception, and thinking to regard anything as lasting..
Impermanence inherently implies suffering as all what is liked inevitably will be lost.
Impermanence implies no-self as nothing remains identical as an entity, or an identity!
Whether internal or external: All this is only passing states - material and mental - ...
Experiencing impermanence thus entails seeing the aspects of suffering and no-self!

When realizing that all states passes on and evaporates instantly, one then realizes
the impossible futility inherent in all forms of clinging to whatever kind of object..
It is like sand running out between the fingers. It can never ever be kept for long!
Nothing can ever be kept, owned, possessed, maintained, remaining, or ever retained!
So better let it go. ..Release it! Relinquish it all. Do not fear. Nothing lasting is lost..
It was never really yours anyway. It will go away by itself anyway. It is pain anyway!
It was never really the same anyway, and it will never ever be returning again anyway...


All things arise, go through a series of changes and die. All phenomena are
impermanent, every living being eventually dies. Life has a limit and is always
in a state of uncertainty. This is an undeniable reality! Life is very uncertain,
only death is certain. Knowing that death is certain and is the natural destiny
that everyone has to face, we should not be afraid of death. To be considered
really free in life, we must be free from the fear of death. We must humbly
contemplate the words “All things are impermanent.” We must indeed be aware
that birth and death comes at any moment. Every moment is thus impermanent.
Enlightenment can be achieved by this acute awareness of impermanence!

More on impermanence, inconstancy, and transience (Anicca)
Anicca (Impermanence) According to Theravada (Bhikkhu ñanamoli ao.)

Memento Mori: Remember your mortality, that you must and surely will die!

The Experience of Impermanence!

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